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Our doors are always open for freelancers or entrepreneurs, professionals with experience or emerging talents in the business of graphic design, audio-visual production, advertising and marketing; We are constantly looking for different experts for the different needs of our clients.


We faithfully believe that our collaborators are the ones who give life to our projects and are indispensable for the satisfaction of our clients; teamwork is the engine of our agency.

We have different positions for different projects depending on your area of ​​experience and knowledge.

-Graphic Design | Video Editing | 3D
-Producción Musical | Sound Engineering
-Locution | Voiceover | Dubbing
-4K Photography | 4K Video | Aereal Video 4K
-Web Development | App Development
-Brand Ambassador | Modeling | Influencer
-Communication | Advertising | Marketing
-Customer Services Representative
-Laws | Accounting
-Sworn Translation

We want to hear from you; complete the form, select the services you provides, upload your CV in PDF format and if necessary, include in your CV any link to your digital portfolio, images, photos, videos music, sounds, etc. 

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Los Angeles, California, United States